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We are Approved IPv4 Facilitators in ARIN, RIPE & APNIC
How to Legally Buy IPv4
In order to purchase IPv4 subnets today, you will still need permission from ARIN, RIPE and APNIC. We empower you with information & assist every step of the way until the transfer is complete.
Regional Internet Registry (RIR) Account
Depending on your country, you will have an account with ARIN, RIPE or APNIC. Each RIR requires you to create an account, point of contact (POC) and organization identifier (Org-ID)

Helpful RIR Registration Links: ARIN | RIPE | APNIC
Buyer Pre-Approval Assistance
Both ARIN and APNIC require a company to provide a business use case to received IPv4 address space. RIPE does not have any pre-approval requirement.

  • Demonstrate usage of 50% of the requested IPv4 over 2 years.
  • Alternatively, demonstrate 75% usage of current IPv4 with details of services
Purchase Agreement & Blacklist Report
Once you request an IPv4 block, we will email the IPv4 subnet information, a detailed blacklist report and purchase agreement. You will have 5 days to review and sign.

We will require the following information to send an agreement

  • Legal Entity Name
  • ARIN/APNIC/RIPE Organization ID
  • Pre-Approval Ticket (ARIN & APNIC only)
  • Contact Details for Authorized Signer
Buy IPv4 Subnets in ARIN, RIPE or APNIC
The team at IPv4Connect has been involved with IPv4 & IPv6 global connectivity for 12 years. We have exclusive access to clean IPv4 subnets from data centers, network operators, hosting providers, ISPs, managed service providers and enterprises.

Our depth of experience in the ARIN, RIPE and APNIC regions is second to none. Combined with our access to suppliers, we always ensure our clients have access to clean IPv4 subnets for their global routing requirements.

We fully qualify each seller to ensure a positive and safe experience every time a clients buys IPv4 address subnets. Furthermore, we use proprietary software to ensure the IP addresses are clean before we add them to our easy to use IPv4 marketplace.

Buy IPv4 Subnets with Peace of Mind
Clean IPv4 Availability
Largest selection of clean & contiguous IPv4 subnets with detailed IPv4 blacklist reports for verified assurance.
Fully Managed IPv4 Transfers
Quick IPv4 transfer process in 2-3 weeks. Extremely responsive team with a 24×7 approach by phone & email
Best IPv4 Prices
We work closely with our large network of IPv4 suppliers to set fair prices based on market trends & research
Verified IPv4 Suppliers
Meticulously qualify IPv4 sellers to ensure they legally own IPv4 subnets free & clear
Detailed IPv4 Blacklist Reporting
IPv4Connect uses a proprietary blacklist software which offers details about each IP address that would otherwise only be uncovered through a strenuous research across several global blacklist providers.

Instead of only checking the popular blacklists such as Spamhaus, Barracuda and Sorbs, our powerful software runs each IPv4 address against over 100 global blacklists and provides in-depth data in only a few hours. We then provide a detailed IPv4 blacklist report which outlines each blacklisted IP address, the blacklists they are on, and more importantly we help get them cleaned up before putting them into the market. The IPs can be from any region including APNIC, RIPE, APNIC, LACNIC or AFRNIC

IPv4 Transfer Process

Our team fully manages the process ensure your IPv4 block is transferred within 2-3 weeks.
IPv4 Purchase Agreements
Buyer and Seller sign purchase agreements
Secure Payment
Buyer makes secure payment via wire or
IPv4 Transfer Requests
Buyer & Seller submit IPv4 transfer requests
Seller Support Documents
Seller submits additional details, signs RIR documents & pays RIR fees, if applicable
RIR Verification
RIR verifies seller & reviews the IPv4 transfer request
Transfer Approval
RIR approves transfer and updates Whois with buyers details
IPv4 Trends White Paper
We help our clients make data driven decisions whether they choose to buy IPv4 addresses, or sell unused IPv4 assets.

Our team monitors market trends closely and analysis different statistics including total IPv4 requests, total transfers completed and more importantly the total number of IP addresses transferred per transaction.

We offer exclusive insights into where the iIPv4 industry started, where it is today, and where it might be going in the next several years. Our data includes IPv4 data from 2015 - 2020

Download our free white paper to make better decisions with regards to your network assets.
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