How to Buy APNIC IPv4 Addresses

Simple guide to purchase APNIC IPv4 and transfer them safely

APNIC IP Transfer Requirements & Approval

Asia-Pacific Network Information Centre (APNIC) is responsible for managing and assigning all of the IP address blocks within APNIC ran out of available IPv4, companies how have to buy APNIC IP addresses on the free market. To acquire IP addresses, you will need an APNIC account, pre-approval from APNIC, and knowledge of the IPv4 transfer process in the APNIC region.

With the help from a knowledgeable team, such as ours, the IPv4 transfer process can be seamless and even pleasant. By reading this helpful guide, you will notice why leading brands choose to work with IPv4 Connect for their APNIC IP address needs.

1. Create an APNIC Online Account (1-2 Weeks)

To acquire, manage or buy APNIC IP addresses, you first need to register for an APNIC online account. APNIC has a 3-step process to create an account and add users to it.
Register an APNIC Online Account
Having an APNIC account will allow you to manage different organizations, point of contact (POC) records, ASNs, and APNIC IP addresses. Registration is simple, see MyAPNIC account
Create a point of contact (POC)
Your personal point of contact record will link to you direclty and will allow management of IP address resources and different organizations
Create an Organization Identified (Org-ID)
The Org-ID will be tied to your company. This will link directly to your ASN, APNIC IP addresses and POC records.. APNIC may require certificate of good standing in some cases to approve an Org-ID

2: Buyer APNIC Pre-Approval (1 - 2 Weeks)

APNIC requires all clients build a business case demonstrating why you want to purchase APNIC IP address space. They have a 48 hour SLA to respond to any request, so we recommend you submit the correct information from the start to avoid delays.

We have provided 3 different approaches that will get you approved
    Future IP Address Projections
    Provide business case demonstrating usage of at least 50% the requested APNIC IP addresses in 2 years.
    APNIC will request quarterly projections with actual numbers and the services the IPs will be used for
    Current IP Address Utilization
    Alternatively, you can demonstrate 75% utilization of the sum of all current APNIC IP address blocks.
    APNIC will require a spreadsheet detailing the services the IP's are used for and the total number of IP's used
    Moving From Carrier IPv4
    In some cases, you can't justify based on future use or current utilization. In these cases, perhaps you need different /24s for security reasons or to run BGP.
    Let APNIC know your need and they should approve

    3: APNIC IP Contract Review (1-5 Days)

    After you have received APNIC pre-approval, its time review an APNIC IP address block, verify a blacklist report and review & sign the purchase agreement. We offer a detailed blacklist report that ensures the IP addresses are 100% clean from any IP blacklists before you purchase them

    We will need the following information to send an IPv4 purchase agreement
    • 1
      Legal entity name
    • 2
      APNIC Account ID
    • 3
      APNIC Pre-approval ticket number
    • 4
      Details for the person authorized to sign

    4. Managed IPv4 Transfer (2-3 Weeks)

    If you haven't purchased IP addresses in the past, this may seem like a very difficult process. Becasue of this, organizations rely on our fully managed APNIC IP address transfer service and support.

    You deserve a transparent and seamless experience, so let's take a look at the steps in our fully managed IPv4 transfer process. Your transfer will only take 2 - 3 weeks from start to finish.
    1 - 3 Days
    1 - 3 Days
    APNIC IP Purchase Agreements
    Buyer and Seller sign purchase agreements
    1 - 3 Days
    1 - 3 Days
    Secure Payment
    Buyer makes secure payment via wire or
    1 Day
    1 Day
    Seller Submits Source Ticket
    1. Buyers APNIC Account Name
    2. APNIC IPv4 address block
    1 Day
    1 Day
    Buyer Submits Recipient Ticket
    1. Sellers APNIC ID
    2. APNIC IPv4 address block
      *** Must be submitted after the sellers ticket
      5-10 Days
      5-10 Days
      APNIC Reviews Transfer
      1. Ensures seller owns IPv4
      2. Ensures sellers company is still active
      2-3 Days
      2-3 Days
      Buyer Pays APNIC Fees
      Based on total IPs in your APNIC account. See APNIC Fee Schedule
      1 - 2 Days
      1 - 2 Days
      APNIC Approves Request
      APNIC Approved sellers and buyers transfer tickets.
      1 Day
      1 Day
      APNIC Whois updates
      APNIC transfers the IP addresses to buyers Org ID and Whois updates
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